Saturday, January 15, 2011

Partly Read Books and Elusive Glasses

At the last Mystery Lovers' Book Club meeting, we were asked to give our names and then tell the group a personal quirk that we didn't mind sharing. As usual, when I am asked a direct question, especially about something I don't normally think about, I drew a complete blank. I promised I would come with something after everyone else had come up with their quirk.

Several of the women admitted to having a quirk about which way to hang a roll of toilet paper. I bet everyone after the first person who mentioned this quirk was happy to have an "I agree or disagree about the toilet paper" quirk. I, like most everyone, have a personal preference about this unimportant detail of life. I'm an "over" as were most of the others. One woman noted that "over" is not good if there is a puppy in the house. Another added, "or a toddler".

When Sue came back to me, I was ready. I always have books lying around that I have started and mean to get back to later. I do get back to them eventually. I would read them more quickly if I wouldn't suddenly decide that what I really want to read is something light. That's when I pick up whatever mystery novel I happen to see. Since my husband likes mystery novels there is always temptation close at hand.

As I was driving home I thought of my most obvious quirk. I am forever putting my glasses down somewhere because I can see better if I take them off when I read, work on the computer or work on artwork. Then I have to wander around the house trying to remember what I was doing when I took them off. Tom tells me that keeping track of my glasses is one of his most useful jobs.


  1. I have 6 pairs (a friend gave them to me when he needed a stronger lens) and I still manage to misplace them.

  2. I have one of those old lady strings and wear my reading glasses around my neck most of the day. As soon as I take them off I need them. I only need the glasses to read! It is nice that you started a blog..I will be by to check in on you! :)