Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Finishing Projects...Rag Doll and Trillium No. 2

I decided to finish some watercolors that I had laid aside.  Four were very close to being finished.  Two others may not be finished by the end of the year but they will be closer than they are now.

This is the way Rag Doll looked when I showed it to you on September 13.  My mother made this doll so it means a lot to me.

This is the way she looks now.  I took the painting along one day when Marsha and I painted at Donna's.  Donna suggested putting the shadow behind the doll. This gives solidity to the doll.   Marsha suggested adding Orange Lake to the shadows of the shoes. The orange-red in the shadows helped to join the blues and whites of the shoes and dress to the rest of the painting.  I also grounded the chair by having strands of the shaggy rug overlap the chair legs and added books to the book shelves.  I am pleased with this painting.

Here is another painting I worked on.  I started two similar paintings of Large-flowered Trillium.  The first one I finished  long time ago.  I decided to use slightly different colors and composition on this one.

This is how the second painting looked when I started playing around with it.

And this is how it looks now.  I am still thinking about it. I liked it better when the background was brighter. I think I may add a multitude of faint trillium in the background.  Normally, trillium grow in groups.  I may leave it as it is and use what I  learned from this trillium and the one below when I paint a third painting.  The painting below also shows how I positioned it on the paper.  The card is to be  folded where the white and the painting meet.

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  1. I think your doll is lovely..and the Trillium is perfect...what a lovely card it makes:)