Thursday, March 8, 2012

Nesting Great Horned Owls

I heard by way of the county parks grapevine that the great horned owls were nesting again in the dead tree where they have nested a number of years. I can't remember how many. I do remember that they weren't in this hollow last year. The professional photographers are back to watching the site with their big cameras and clicking away happily. At the moment an adult is sitting on eggs and staring at the photographers who are staring at it. I took the above shot with my FinePix JZ300 Fujifilm camera. I zoomed in as much as possible before taking the photo. Not too impressive. I went home and put the photo into our computer and enlarged the sitting owl.
Not too shabby. I took the picture in the afternoon. There were no professional photographers there so I was able to stand in the ideal location. However the sun was shining almost directly at me. I stood partly behind a small tree to protect the camera view a bit.

Tom is hoping to get out to the site and use his Canon to take some shots. We think he can get there by a circling around on another trail. The most direct trail is rock strewn.  It is impossible for him to drive his scooter on it. But as some of you know from personal experience, a few rocks aren't going to stop Tom from his goal.


  1. Great photo..spring must be coming! :)

  2. Excellent! Hoping to see you there this morning....

  3. Hopefully, one of the photos will end up as a painting. This is great.