Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Late Edwina Black, the Current Play at the Troy Civic Theatre

If you live in the Troy, Ohio area and enjoy mysteries, plan on seeing the Troy Civic Theatre's production of The Late Edwina Black  Friday, May 10 or Saturday, May 11.  Tom and I found the mystery surrounding Edwina's death quite a puzzlement.  All of the suspects seemed equally possible. Or, was her death  natural as originally assumed?  Clues are dropped along the way that make the solution plausible but not obvious.

I didn't find much background information about this play.  It opened at the Booth Theatre on Broadway on November 21, 1950.  In 1951, the British film, The Late Edwina Black, was produced, an adaptation of  the stage play. 

Below are the Troy Civic Theatre performers.

From left to right are Steve Dietrich who plays Henry Martin,the persistent detective,  Caleb MaGill who plays Gregory Black, the bereaved husband, Terressa Knoch who plays Ellen, the housekeeper, and Niccole SueAnn Wallace who plays the companion to the late Edwina.  

Though this is a serious drama,  Henry Martin, the detective, keeps returning with more questions in a way that reminded me of Columbo, the detective in the TV series of the same name.  And he does get to the bottom of the mystery of the late Edwina Black.  Edwina, though never seen, emerges as a person as fully as do the actors on stage.

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