Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Dollhouse at the Madison County Museum, London, Ohio

I have always been fascinated by miniatures...dollhouses, model railroads, the little rooms at the Chicago Museum of art.

These photos were taken while Tom and Chuck were waiting for Norieta and me in the van.  We had stopped for a quick visit at the Madison County Historical Museum so I could take photos of the washing machines exhibit.  That is a blog for another day.  When I returned from the annex where the washing machines were on display, Norieta and  I took "just a quick look" at a few other exhibits.

The volunteer who had taken me to the annex told us a little about the dollhouse as we looked at it.  The dollhouse was made for a little girl by her parents but when they showed it to her, she said she didn't like it.  Was she a tomboy or a very spoiled child?  Or was this dollhouse more of a display than something a child would feel comfortable playing with?

The house is a reproduction of the one the family lived in.  When the dollhouse was given to the museum , the only way it could be removed  from the room in which it was built was by taking out a window.

The little girl is now in her eighties and living in a nursing home.

The dollhouse has Plexiglas across it because there are many tiny objects which could be easily lost.  For that reason (and because I was snapping pictures quickly) you will see my reflection in some of them.  If you like miniatures, too, you will want to enlarge the following photos by clicking on them.  There are interesting details like chamberpots in the bedrooms.

First floor left to right....





                                     Dining Room


Second Floor...


                                   Pink  Canopied bed Bedroom

                                  White Canopied bed Bedroom

                                      Girl's Bedroom

Third Floor...

                                      Sun Porch
A photo of the house the dollhouse was modeled from sits on the porch.

                                    Music Room

                                     Sewing Room.
The desk and chair are against the railing of the stairwell which opens in this room.

                                     Boy's Bedroom

                                     Right side porch
A place to feed the birds.


  1. Oh my what a treat to see! Thanks! :)

  2. beautiful captures...lovely place to visit!

  3. Wow, I gotta take my granddaughters to this!!!

    Never knew it existed!!

    1. The museum is open only on Wednesday afternoons. The volunteers are friendly people.