Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Annual Carolina Renaissance Festival

While we were in North Carolina we took the grandchildren (and their parents) to the Renaissance Festival which is a little over an hour north of Charlotte.

These festivals are entertainment for people whether they like live shows, music, food, games, shopping, history taken lightly, or people watching.

We were greeted by Renaissance songs at the entrance.

Sometimes it is difficult to tell the visitors from the enactors.

We had no trouble recognizing the queen and her court.

There were some strange sights.

This is one of the eleven stages scattered throughout the grounds, all of which offered multiple shows.

For those who wanted to participate, there were carnival-like games.

Or if you wanted to be more active, you could go up...

and down...

on the Pirates Assault Catapult.

One of the shops...

Afterward you could walk around showing everyone your new finery.

There were educational exhibits like this one where you could learn more about the artisans of the era.  The man closest to the front made his  mail, link by link.

Here is a group of volunteers who educate those interested about the sighthounds popular in the Renaissance era.  You can learn more about the group at

There are acts set up in the open areas as well as on the stages.  This is one I liked.

He didn't have business cards, told us to go on-line and type in Cale, juggler from Minnesota.  Sure enough that brings up websites where you can learn more about him.

After a pleasant afternoon, we headed south toward Charlotte.

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  1. We went to a Steampunk fair a few weeks ago - that was definitely one where the "audience" at each event was dressed as remarkably as the participants! This looks like a fantastic day out :)