Friday, March 14, 2014

Chair for Take a Seat Auction Completed

The chair is finished and delivered.  I took this photo with the freezer door in the background in hopes that the cream color of the chair would be more noticeable.  The color is called Golden Mushroom.  The paint is Semi-gloss Latex.

Here is the original chair.  In 1963, Tom and I bought it from a couple who had recently celebrated their fiftieth anniversary and were in the process of downsizing.  At the time, Tom and I had been married a little over a year and were furnishing our first house.  Now we have passed fifty years of marriage so the chair is probably over a hundred years old.

Tom reglued a couple joints, rubbed it down with a deglosser, and applied two coats of spray primer.

Then I took over.  At this point I wrote a blog about the project.  FarSideofFifty suggested cream and deep red.  I had been thinking about using pale turquoise but when I went to the fabric store I kept returning to the two fabrics below.

I decided if I were decorating the chair for our living room, these colors would be my preference.  Thank you, Far Side.  I used the deep red to reupholster the seat pad and used the colors in the pattern as I created my design.

My original thought was to paint a causal design up the back and across the top.

I drew a lot of flower sketches from photographs Tom and I had taken.  I ran off copies in several sizes using the computer.  After trying a variety of designs, I decided that I preferred to have the design only across the top.

I also chose only two of the sketches that I had drawn.

Bleeding Hearts which I drew using this photo for ideas.

This photo is of one of the Asian Lilies in the driveway flowerbed.

The first time I put them together, I came up with this.

But this is the design on the chair.

These are my painting supplies.  When I bought the fabrics, I bought craft paints in what I thought were the "right" colors.  However when I began painting, I did a lot of mixing.  The various mixes are in the small covered plastic containers.  That's being a fussy artist.  The color can't be almost right, it has to be right.

The resulting chair is one that I would be willing to use in my house and that was my goal.

The chairs will be on display in various shops in downtown Tipp City in June and July.  In August, the chairs will be taken down.  They will be auctioned off on August 23.  The money raised will be divided between Tipp-Monroe Community Services and The Tipp City Area Arts Council.

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  1. Wow it turned out great! I love it! I am certain it will get rave reviews! :)