Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Fulton Farms, Miami County, Ohio

Fulton Farms is part of our life in spring, summer, and fall.  Nothing tastes better than freshly picked fruits and vegetables.  

The fall crops are pumpkins and squash.  When our children were young, they came here to pick their pumpkins for jack-o-lanterns.  So did our grandchildren.  Groups of local kindergarten students come with their classes to choose pumpkins.  

There are other attractions, too.  See the wooden train between the pumpkins and the farmhouse.  Parents bring toddlers to climb on it.

Another attraction are hay rides.  I think they are actually "straw bale" rides.  Old-timers enjoy inspecting the old White tractor which pulls them.

As we headed toward Fulton's a few days ago to buy acorn and butternut squashes, Tom spotted a sign at the intersection..."Sweet corn".  He said, "That's hard to believe.  The season is past."

But ...

There was a table a bit larger than a card table with corn on it.  The check-out lady said it was the last of the season.  Appropriately, the corn was a bi-color called "Obsession".  It was a corn for those who hate to see the season end. 

We also bought the squash we had come for.

A few weeks ago, my artist friend, Marsha, and I sat with our backs toward the farmhouse and painted.  She found three still-fresh morning glories on a trellis for her painting and I painted this scene.  The structure on the left is part of the train caboose.

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  1. You capture the essence of the view in your painting:)