Tuesday, February 17, 2015

St. Valentine's Weekend, A Good Weekend to Stay Inside

We've are going through a spell of cold weather.  It started on Valentine's Day, February 14.  The early morning was pleasant.  When I met Jeanne for breakfast, it was 30 degrees F (1.11 C.)  I wondered if the forecast for cold temperatures was a false alarm.  If we had known how warm the morning was going to be we would have walked at Charleston Falls.  Abby, Jeanne's dog, would have been delighted, not mourning because she was left at home.

I had errands to run after breakfast so when Jeanne left to prepare for a visit from grandchildren, I set off.  It was still nice when I walked over and returned some library books.  But by the time, I had finished grocery shopping at Foodtown, the wind had kicked up and fine snowflakes were blowing horizontally.  Temperatures began dipping.  The fifteen to twenty-five  mile an hour wind made the air feel even colder.

By afternoon, blowing snow had covered our patio.

The snow blurred the view of the backyard.  The bows of the Douglas Firs bounced and waved about.

By the next morning, we had beautiful sunshine.

The birds were glad we had filled the feeders.  So were the squirrels.  The temperature was 3 degrees F (-16.11 C).
The high for the day was 15 degrees F (-9.44 C).  Because there was no wind, the day was quite pleasant as long as we were dressed for it.

No sun on Monday morning when I looked out.  The entire day was overcast with snow flurries at times, and steady snow at other times.  There wasn't much accumulation.  Schools were closed for Presidents' Day, the day we remember all our presidents.

I didn't see the cardinals sitting in the fir tree until I looked at the photo I took.

I spent most of the day playing with polymer clay.  Monday was a holiday for me as well as the children.

This morning, we were back to 3 degrees F (-16.11 C).  I ignored the report from the airport a few miles away.  Their  thermometer read -2 degrees F (-18.88 C).  The sun was bright and there was very little breeze.  I even took a short walk to Charleston Falls...just to the falls and back.  It was 10 degrees (-12.22 C) by then.

  The maintenance staffer apologized because he hadn't yet blown all the snow off the trail clear to the falls. He told me they like to blow off this fine light snow before the day warms up enough to create icy spots.

This afternoon the temperatures climbed up to 25 degrees F (3.88 C ).  How nice to have it "warm".


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  1. Your Cardinals are beautiful and wow I will take those temperatures! We are -12 and windy so the wind chills are horrid. The weather guy said -40 in some place tonight windchill. I will be glad when cold February is over. You guys stay warm! :)