Friday, May 29, 2015

It's official...Banana Slugs String Band Day in Troy, Ohio...May 14, 2015

Mayor Beamish, in the red cap,  presented the official proclamation.  The slugs,  Doug Dirt, Marine Mark, Solar Steve and Airy Larry have been coming to the Miami County Parks for eighteen years to share their Environmentally based songs with children.

Thousands of children, wearing costumes they have made, have come to the Hug the Earth Festival every spring and performed with the band.

Gaia Gary joins the group on their Ohio trips. He has been coming for eighteen years also.  One year he did a remarkable job drumming with his broken arm in a sling.

Thanks, Banana Slugs and Gary.  It's been great fun these past eighteen years.  Hope to see you again next spring.

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