Thursday, September 17, 2015

Abraham Lincoln has been visiting in Troy.

Abraham Lincoln and Common Man have been talking all summer on the front lawn of the Miami County Courthouse.

I stopped in last week and a passing woman took my picture with them.  They are truly giants among men.

Since 2003, Troy has been having biannual public art exhibits.  Usually the sculptures are scattered throughout the downtown area.  This year, the sculpture is this gigantic one.

I checked on the Internet and this is what I learned.

The thirty-one foot high sculpture was created by Seward Johnson from a smaller one commissioned by The Lincoln Fellowship of Pennsylvania.  That piece is in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

Twice before Troy has had sculptures by Seward Johnson as public art displays.  Funding for the displays is obtained through grants and donations.

As a special addition, a full-size replica of the Lincoln Funeral Train was on display September 10 through 13 on Short Street between Hayner Cultural Center and the courthouse. Every time I went by long lines of people were waiting to tour the funeral car.  I didn't tour it but here is a photo of it followed by photos of the engine and the complete train.

The original funeral train traveled across Ohio in 1865, stopping at towns along the way.  One of the stops was at Piqua, a few miles north of Troy.

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  1. What a cool train, that would have been fun to tour! Great photo of you and the tall guys...those are some tall sculptures:)