Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The Carpathian Walnut Tree

This photo doesn't quite catch the impression the tree made on me when I went out to dispose of the trash last night. Its branches shone white from the light of the spotlights on the corner of the garage.

The tree branches spread over more than a third of our backyard.  The swing gives you a clue to its size.  The leaves are all down.  Some years when the conditions are just right the leaves fall all day long like rain.  Usually that means we have had a sudden hard freeze.  This year the leaves fell gradually like those of ordinary trees.


  1. Hi Pauline, That is a large tree! Sometimes we used to make ghosts out of sheets and hang them in the trees...even some little ghosts! I hope you are having a good Fall. Please greet Tom for me and tell him thank you for his service to our country. The Veteran's Day Dinner was tonight, we didn't go too many germs for Gene. Small gatherings are better but you pack hundreds into the American Legion and it is just too much for him...we are becoming hermits:)

  2. Hi, Connie, We are having a warmer fall than some years. We've had a few mornings down around thirty but most highs have been at least in the low fifties. I will pass your thank you on to Tom. We avoid crowds, too. Scooters are great but they take up a lot of space and are difficult to stop quickly if someone suddenly moves in front of them. Tom has actually bumped someone only a couple times in the fifteen years he has used the scooter but crowds make him nervous.