Monday, April 4, 2016

April, 2016...When Will Spring Be Here to Stay?

March 30 was a beautiful day.  Tom and I walked at Charleston Falls.  Both of us took photos.  Tom snapped this Eastern Comma Butterfly as it sat on the trail in front of him.

Eastern Comma

March 31 started with a two hour loss of our electricity when high winds blew power lines against one another and that blew out a major transformer for the Tipp City area.

April 1 brought a variety of weather...sun and balmy weather followed by wind, cold, and rain.

April 2 brought us 60 degrees Fahrenheit in the late morning followed later in the day by falling temperatures, gusts of wind, heavy rain, and tiny flat squares of snow, (I've never seen precipitation like it in 77 years),  For a short time the snow was flying horizonally.  A branch, three inches in diameter, landed on the eaves of a neighbor's house.  Its twigs touched the front sidewalk.

I decided to cover the Bleeding heart plant and the Flowering Viburnum with its bright buds since there was a  freeze warning.

Bleeding Heart, close up of tiny developing hearts

Viburnum buds

April 3 at 7 AM...

Behind the platform birdfeeder is the covered Flowering Viburnum.

Later in the morning, I uncovered the viburnum and the bleeding heart.  Both seem to be fine although the bleeding heart looked a bit forlorn, as though it had a rough  night.

April 4...55 degrees Fahrenheit at 8 AM

But...freezing temperatures are expected again tonight. Ugh!  Is this a prolonged April Fool's joke?

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  1. I lost all my Bleeding Hearts one spring to an early warm spell. Your grass is very green, It must have liked the rain/snow. Tom's butterfly is very pretty!