Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Memorial Day Picnic with Family

Memorial Day was a beautiful day...warm with a light breeze and low humidity. Most of our Ohio family members were able to be with us for the picnic.  Some of them brought loved ones with them...Our family is expanding.

Everyone brought food to share.  There was so much food that nearly everyone had food to take home as well.  Our refrigerator is well stocked with leftovers, too.  Ray was our griller...burgers and brats and veggie burgers.

Steve and Tom set up the area in the backyard...tables, chairs, tub filled with pop, water and watermelon, the tablecloth on the picnic table.  Sonja, Gretchen, and I laid out food on the dining room table. Everyone made their choices and went back outside to eat and enjoy the beautiful weather.

This was the first time in several months that I've seen Robert when he hasn't been acting on stage at the Troy Civic Theatre.

Steve has been staying with us for a few days.  He was a big help in getting everything set up for the party.  He chose the shirt because it was Memorial Day.

  Why is Eric smiling?

Here's why.  Katie came with him to the picnic.

I caught Tom and Sonja in a candid shot.  Tom was was talking with Ray and Sonja was checking the time since she was scheduled to work in mid afternoon.

Here is Gretchen who brought the delicious pasta salad that Tom and I had for lunch today and Ray, the griller.

Our newlyweds...John and Jacquie will soon celebrate their first wedding anniversary.

There seems to be a pattern developing.  Every time I take a photo of James, Steve is in the background...and I never notice he is there until I look at the photo on the computer.  Maybe, next time, James, you will have a photo all to yourself.

Samantha worked until 6 AM on Memorial Day so she was tired.  I was really happy that Victor did the driving.

I loved having all these people at our picnic, so glad I got to see them all on Memorial Day this year.  There is nothing as precious as a hug from a loved one and I got lots of hugs yesterday.

Seeing them brings back memories of other good times we have had together.

I remember other people on Memorial Day, too...my brother who is a Vietnam Vet, my mother  and her sister, Audrey, who always put peonies and other flowers on the  family graves, my sisters and brother-in-laws, the extended family...aunts and uncles and cousins.

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  1. What a good looking bunch surrounding you! What fun to have everyone together:)