Thursday, August 11, 2016

Some Things a Person Just Has to Remember...Gaping in Amazement

Nature is quicker than my reflexes. This just happened to me.  I went outside to take a photo of the lift in our van that we use to transport Tom's scooter or power chair.  For some unknown reason I looked out toward our driveway.

A Cooper's hawk swooped down intent on a fat gray squirrel who was intent on escape.  The squirrel scooted under the van between the front and back wheels...the hawk followed it on foot.  The squirrel ran left on the other side of the van and the hawk flew right.  And there I stood with my camera in my hand.

I went inside.  Maybe, I thought, I can get a photo of the squirrel and have a picture of half the story.  I went back out with my camera and aimed it at the walnut tree.  Then the squirrel dashed off.  It had been sitting in the crouch of the big limbs with a walnut in its paws.  My eyes never saw it until it moved and that was too late.

And such is life.

1 comment:

  1. Did you forget you had a camera in your hand?
    Lots of hawks out lately they are real hungry and a fat squirrel would make a meal! We watched one hunt a field last night, then he got scared of us and took photos were not good either. I wish they would hunt in my yard as I am losing patience with a number of squirrels:(