Saturday, January 14, 2017

Charleston Falls, January 13, 2017

I was surprised when I arrived at the falls yesterday.  I thought there would be more ice left even though we have had temperatures in the fifties and sixties for two days.  Today we won't see anything above the mid thirties.  Many activities have been cancelled because of the danger of black ice.

As I walked through Octagon Prairie, I noticed the park staff has planted Red Cedars on a path circling the prairie between the Octagon and the woods.  I wonder why.

Red cedars are the only native evergreen in southwestern Ohio .  The staff could have dug them up from elsewhere on the prairie.  However I still have the question...Why?

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  1. Rec Cedars...I wonder why too...maybe someone donated them. Stay safe! We finally made it out today, went to the dump. We have been staying home since the sub zero crap hit. It is above zero today!!! :)