Friday, March 10, 2017

The Troy Civic Theatre Presents Rumors by Neil Simon

If you are really tired of all the problems of the world and just want to laugh, see Rumors.  It is close to a laugh a minute. Lots of doors opening and closing, lots of misinterpretations.  And if you happen to feel like thinking, the play makes a pointed comment about rumors.

If you live near Troy, you are in luck.  There is one more performance Saturday evening.

It is at this Anniversary Party where the Rumors fly.

Ken and Chris Gorman are the first arrivals at the Anniversary party but the couple celebrating the anniversary are nowhere to be found. Why? Where are they?

Ken Gorman is played by Alain Alejandro and Chris by Corie Schweser.

Next to arrive are Claire (Jessica Suba)  and Lenny Ganz (Scott Atkinson).

They are followed by Ernie and Cookie Cusack played by G. Michael Robinson and Julie Zalar.

   And the last to arrive are the Coopers... Gage Emerson as Glenn  and Bonnie Littlejohn as Cassie.

Finally, things become so strange that the police, played by Michelle Robinson and Jessica Echols arrive.  Even the police are stunned by the situation.

What has become of Charley and Myra??

Niccole Sue-Ann Wallace directs and Jennifer Kaufman is Stage Manager.

As always, the people named in this article are supported by many others.

Often the Production Crew is never seen.  But Jennifer Kaufman snapped this photo of two of the usually unseen Production Crew as they watched a rehearsal.

Barrie Van Kirk's contribution was applying make-up and styling hair.  Gerri Nichols was responsible for Costume Design.

Jennifer kindly let me use her photos for this blog.  The only one that I took was the first one of the Anniversary Invitation.

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  1. Sounds like a fun play to see! I hope you are getting more spring than we are! :)