Sunday, February 27, 2011

Eric's Birthday

This is Eric at his brother's birthday party. Somewhere in my boxes of photos, I am sure I have a picture of him at his own brithday party eight months earlier.

His mom took him to the Junior Senior Prom in 2002. She was a chaperone. She told me he wasn't happy at all when she bought the suit for him.  He told her it made him look like a dork. Evidently, enough juniors and seniors were wearing suits so he was happier about the suit when this picture was taken.

Here he is on our mower.  He is a big help to Tom and me.  Mowing is only one of the chores he does for us.

His favorite sport is soccer. Have you ever tried to get a good picture of someone playing a sport? This is the best of the recent ones that I have taken.

Eric and Courtney won the Intermediate B division (12-14 years old) of the the 4H dog show at the 2010 state fair.  For being a state champion, Eric received a silver cup and Courtney recieved a dog leash. Eric scored 229 out of 230 points.  Courtney did well, too.  She scored 100%.

Happy Birthday, Eric, from Grandma

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