Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Monochromatic Color Studies

I chose a photo I took of the Iddings log house at Brukner Nature Center and took out details that I found distracting, primarily saplings.  I plan to use MaimeriBlu Orange Lake and Green Blue for six value studies.  The colors are not exact compliments but make a warm brown when mixed.

This is the first study using suggestions from Stephen Quiller's book, Color Choices. The task was to use no full intensity colors.  I often work this way so this study was easy compared to the other studies. I will post those another day. So far I have three of the six completed.

If you read the Random Thoughts blog, Partly Read Books and Elusive Glasses,  you can see the cover of the Quiller book under my glasses.

I am thinking that the Monochromatic Studies will make me more aware of what I can do with varying the values in a painting.  

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