Monday, April 18, 2011

Mother's Madonna

Mother's Madonna watercolor 6 X 8 inches

I'm hoping one of my sisters remembers more about this Madonna than I do. What I remember is that Mother received a bouquet in this vase when our brother was born. I am sure I remember a time when Mother didn't have this vase and then a time when she did have it. Once it arrived, it always stood on the bookcase in front of a mirror in the living room. From daffodils in spring to mums in fall, Mother always kept fresh flowers from her flowerbeds in the vase.

Years ago, when I was wandering through shops in a little town in Texas, I saw a vase like Mother's Madonna in a shop that sold "almost antiques". I didn't buy the vase and, later, I wished that I had. A couple years ago, I found the vase again in a shop close to home. I bought it. And now I have used it in a painting as I had intended.

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  1. Lovely should scan it & post it on Redbubble!