Tuesday, April 5, 2011

What's the Story? Plein Air at Stillwater Prairie

Plein Air Watercolor 10 X 8 inches

Except for the painting of the Bonsai Tree at Andy's Garden I haven't done any plein air painting this year. Either the weather has not been suitable or I have had other things I felt I had to do. This painting I did last summer. Sarah and I usually paint at Stillwater every other week. I hope that we can get out there next week. Sarah is the woman in the painting. The painting needed something so when a hiker came by and disappeared around the bend in the trail, I added him and discovered that the painting became an illustration for a story if the viewer used his or her imagination and invented one.


  1. Yep, it looks like she's looking longingly after him.

  2. I like so many about this painting, the colors & composition....I like the way the limbs create a canopy over the path & how the eye is immediately drawn to the male figure because of the winding path, the color of his shirt & Sarah's posture. Also love all that texture n the path. Just wonderful, Pauline....a job well done!