Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Portrait From a Photo, Part 5...Shadows of Face and Positioning the Features

This is the painting as it was at the end of the last blog. I roughed in Green-blue Shadows, being careful not to get too strong until I was sure of where I was going. In the same way I roughed in the upper edge of the hair.
I reversed the image on the computer so I could check the shape and position of the nose.
I made some pencil corrections on the nose since I decided it needed to be moved a trifle. Even a move of less than an eighth of an inch can make a big difference. It is also important to be aware that the stronger green-blue on the shadow side of the nose is affecting the way the nose looks to the observer. By strengthening the shadow on the lighted side of the nose, the nose will seem to change position.
Next I focused on the eyes and mouth. A small ruler aligning the eye to the outer corner of the mouth helped to get the positioning.
The same rulers placed from the nose to the cheek helped me see how one related to the other. By this time I had added a little local color to the wreath and also a little more Quinacridone red and Orange Lake to the hair. Along the shadowed side of the face I added a bit of New gamboge. Often the shadowed edge of the face catches the light at the edge.
You can see that I have strengthened the shadows on the light side of the nose and the nose now is straighter. My goal for this painting is to become more aware of the muscle structure of the facial features. By looking closely, I am seeing more details about nose and about the construction of the mouth. The touch of red on the shadow side cheek and on the chin is Primary Red.


  1. You're amazing. Just amazing.

  2. Pauline, this is just great. I am anxiously awaiting the next steps in this luscious portrait!!!