Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Portrait From a Photo, Part 7

I am continuing to use the same colors I have used in the past...mostly Cobalt Blue, Antwerp Blue, Orange Lake, Burnt Sienna. Here and there I have used a bit of Permanent Orange, New Gamboge, Alizarin Crimson, and Green-Blue. It is amazing how many variations just eight colors can provide. Here I have adjusted the shape of the jacket around the neck and added a bit of Alizarin Crimson to the upper lip.  The red spot on the end of the nose is Masking Fluid so imagine white.

Here I am concerned with giving the face a more three dimensional appearance.

I've added a bit of definition to the jacket and adjusted shadows on the face.

I decided I really wanted to redo the shadow side eye. I took off the mask that protected the strands of hair that fell in front of the eye and carefully adjusted the shape of the eye, the shadows and the strands. This time I laid in a background using mostly Cobalt Blue and an additional color, Ultramarine Violet. There were also traces of Orange Lake here and there in the mixture.

The following day, I continued to play around with the shadow side eye and the shadows on that side of the face. They still need more work. I added a wash of a mixture of Orange Lake Primary Red, and then a bit of Permanent Orange to get the color I wanted to strengthen the color of the tee shirt. Finally, I painted a stronger wash on the background using the same colors I had used the day before.  I also took the Masking fluid off the end of the nose.

The next time I paint on this, I will continue working on the shadows on the shadow side of the face and work on the hair on the sunny side. 

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