Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Painting With Friends...Marsha and Me

Yesterday, Marsha Elliott and I spent the morning painting in my basement studio. We had  music to paint to...Old Time Gathering, featuring Hammered Dulcimer, Autoharp, Guitar, Mandolin, Fiddle and Banjo, then the Time-Life Treasury of Folk Music, An All-star Hootenanny 2 (Disk 1). Marsha brings her IPad on which she has the photo she is working from. I am always impressed with the confident way she works. She had this painting finished and signed by noon.

If you go to her Red Bubble site, you can see it there, also. There you can buy it as a card or a print. Her address is


While she worked on her painting, I worked on two but didn't finish either one. One thing that Masha does differently than I do is using a hair dryer to dry her painting so she can continue painting. I almost always paint on one painting until it needs to dry, lay that painting aside, and paint on another painting while the first one dries. I switch back and forth between two or more paintings. Just a different way of working.

  I painted on Camille's portrait, mostly on her hair. I took off masking and replaced it as I added various colors to her hair.

While paint and masking fluid were drying, I started a painting of a Great-Spangled Fritillary on Milkweed. Tom took the photo a few years ago at one of the county parks. I had put on the Masking fluid some time ago so it was dry when I started. Since I was putting on very wet variegated washes, this painting spent a lot of time drying while I painted hair on the portrait.

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