Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Temperatures in the Nineties, Storms, No Electricity, No Air Conditioning,..Pant, Pant

I'll use anything for an excuse.  I have been lax about blogging the past couple weeks. I skipped last Tuesday to mow the lawn and clean house. Last Thursday, I played around most of the day with watercolor experiments and then decided to post on Friday, rather than Thursday.

 I intend to post blogs of the children's plays I saw at the Troy Civic Theatre but I am still in the process of sorting photos from the two  plays, one on June 21 and one on June 26. I always take too many photos to post and have a terrible time deciding which ones to discard. When I say too many that is 167 on June 21 and 60 on June 26.

On Friday, I was tired after Tom and I spent a pleasant midday visit with my college roommate and her husband in London (Ohio). I decided I would post after supper.

Hah! About 4PM a windstorm blew in with gusty winds that broke branches and blew off leaves. And about 5:30, we lost our electricity which meant we lost access to the computer. Thirty years ago after the big Ohio blizzard, Tom installed a generator so we soon had basic electricity, enough to run a few lights, the refrigerator and freezer, and the pump which pumps up our water supply. No blog. No air conditioning and the temperatures were still above 90 degrees Fahrenheit. About 10 PM when us old folks are asleep with our eyes open, electricity was restored. We went to bed happy and comfortable in the restored air conditioning. In the morning we cleaned up the yard.

The only damage to the house was a cap blown off the chimney.
We gathered up the limbs in the back and side years. Most of them were dead anyway.
Tom cut up the few small limbs from the front yard.

We were lucky. Neighbors and others in Ohio had more problems. By Sunday, July 1, there were still people in the state without electricity and the temperatures were well above 90 degrees Fahrenheit still. Shelters were opened. Free water and ice were passed out. The governor declared a state of emergency. Even President Obama took notice.

On Sunday we went to a fifteenth wedding anniversary celebration. The shady backyard was comfortable for the barbecue even with temperatures still in the nineties. There was a pleasant breeze. Stormy weather predicted for the morning never arrived and more stormy weather predicted for the late afternoon hadn't come.

After we returned home, the late afternoon storm did hit. We got more rain which pleased us. But about 6:30 PM we lost power again. This time it wasn't restored until Monday about 8 Pm. Our generator sputtered and died, maybe for all time about fifteen minutes before the electricity was restored. Again, we were lucky. And today I am typing this in comfortable air conditioning, the temperature is supposed to climb into the high nineties again and, of course, more pop-up storms are predicted.

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