Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Lilian Nichols, Polymer Clay Artist...Mokume Gane Techniques

There are four pendants in this photo showing what can be done with Mokume Gane techniques in polymer clay. Makume Gane techniques involve thin layers of clay that are manipulated in some way, then shaved off to reveal the pattern. These are the thin sheets of clay that Mary Ann started with. After she had her thinly rolled sheets, she sprinkled some with glitter and added gold leaf foil to others.
Lilian demonstrates how to add a gold leaf foil layer after which she added more layers of polymer clay.
After layering many thin sheets we embossed them using blunt tools which would not cut the clay. Karen is using a hair pick.
Here is Barbara's stack after she has finished embossing it.
Next, Lilian showed us how to cut the thin layers using a tissue blade.
Here are the very thin slices.
She layered some on a white clay background...
and others on a teal background.
Here is Sally's thin stack after she has begun slicing off tissue-thin layers...
and here are the layers she sliced off.
And here are my thin layers on a green-blue background.
We will use our new sheets to create finished projects. If we are ambitious, we will have them finished by our next monthly meeting. If not, we will work on them at the next meeting. Next month I expect this blog to be a display of our finished projects.

UPDATE... At our September class, Mary Ann brought in her finished Mokume Gane project, a metal box, its lid covered using her Makume Gane.

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