Thursday, August 2, 2012

Schmidt's Restaurant und Sausage Haus

A couple weeks ago we met friends at Schmidt's in Columbus. The place mat shows the view that visitors see of Schmidt's as they drive up Kossuth Street in German Village, an old section of Columbus. Much of Ohio was settled by Germans and this area is a well-preserved example of their villages.

Here is a photo showing most of what is in the drawing. Parking is to the left of the sidewalk. The sidewalk is typical pale gray concrete. The street and parking lot are paved with old worn brick.

Here is a closer look at the main entrance.

And here is the door which features a a large wooden paddle from the original meat packing haus. The hinges are from the old cooler door.

On the place mat is a replica of the original trademark of the Packing House.

As a person would expect, this is the place to find beer, various sausage concoctions, cabbage cooked in various ways and German potato salad. The restaurant is noted for its huge cream puffs. The pastry is wonderfully light but I have a feeling the calorie content is enormous. There are other tasty German pastries as well.

This week Tom and I traveled  to Columbus again, this time to the Ohio State Fair. The day was warm and early in the afternoon I sat down on a bench to rest my feet while Tom fetched me a freshly made lemonade from a nearby food concession. And what did I see in front of me as I waited?

Off to the right you can see the first of the three-tent pavilion Schmidt's had set up at the fair.

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  1. I like the recycling they did on the paddle and the hinges...and that trademark is charming. I don't eat meat, but I think I would be very happy with one of those cream puffs!