Friday, November 16, 2012

Play Day With Clay

Sarah brought clean, empty baby food jars and we covered them with polymer clay. She used the Chrysanthemum cane she made the last time she was here. After baking it, we could see that it has lots of translucent areas so it will make a pretty container for a votive light.

I used the first cane I ever made, a Kaleidoscope cane. There was no translucent clay in it so the result is an opaque miniature vase. It has nice Christmas colors. I also baked an oval from a slice of the same cane which I had put through the pasta maker.

We plan to sand the jars with 400 weight and then 600 weight wet sandpaper. The clay is sanded in water with wet sandpaper because of the toxic dust we make as we sand.

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