Thursday, December 6, 2012

Portrait and Figure Studio, A Woman's Profile

A while back, Ida posed for us. I spent about an hour on the small acrylic sketch below. I was not happy with it. As I was painting it, I tried several times to resize it to make it larger. Each time I did that  everything in the sketch had to be enlarged.  The hat was a challenge, too.

We have had Ida as a model in the past and she is a real challenge for me. For some reason profiles of any person are a challenge for me, also. I just don't give them enough of a skull behind the ears.

  I went through the figure drawing books in my art library looking for something that would give me an easy guide for future profiles. I came across this in jack Hamm's Drawing the Head and Figure, one of the first art instruction books that I bought. In fact the one I have is a replacement because I wore out the first paperback. It is not expensive compared to many art instruction books.

Then I drew the grid on the photo I took of Ida and also drew one on my sketch. Now I am ready to paint a new sketch. It is easy to see that Ida's head behind the ears needs to be extended and that will change the positioning of the hat.

The photo...

The sketch

As you know, clicking on the photos will enable you to see the page from Jack Hamm's book and the guide lines on the last two pictures better.

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