Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Drama Workshop Presents The Man Who Came to Dinner

On Sunday, I saw The Man Who Came to Dinner in The Drama Workshop's new Glenmore Playhouse in Cheviot, Ohio. The set brought back nostalgic memories of the parlors of the 1930s.  I'm not quite old enough to remember them from my childhood but I remember them from old movies and from Christmas cards.

This play was the second play of TDW's first season in their own theater, a theater they have longed for. Those of you who are familiar with Cincinnati area theater will recognize the names of some of the actors.  As always, you can get larger pictures by clicking on the pictures.

Wayne Kirsch who played Sheridan Whiteside, the unexpectedly long-term guest, played the same role nearly twenty years ago in summer stock theater. He has the part down to perfection. The other actors and actresses did a fine job of supporting him. There are twenty-five adults plus a number of young people in the cast but the numbers never felt unwieldy.   This was because of the generous size of the stage as well as because everyone moved easily and confidently  within the space.

Joe Kosak as Bert Jefferson introduces himself to Whiteside.

Poor Miss Preen played by Julia Hedges has never had a patient quite like Whiteside.

Lorraine Sheldon played by Stephanie Adams is part of Whiteside's scheme to prevent his personal secretary from leaving him. The radio technicians are Thom Williams and Josh Roden.

 Stephanie is one brave woman and she must have tremendous faith in the ability of certain members of the cast to carry her with care.

As always, the list of crew members is longer than that of the cast. I am thankful for all the hours they voluntarily put in to create an outstanding finished product.   Their reward is the joy of theater goers like me and, undoubtedly, some very funny stories that no one else will ever know.

One page of the program listed the many vendors and businesses who have contributed to transforming the former Glenmore Bowl into The Glenmore Playhouse.

As a playgoer, I especially appreciated the carpet donated by the Cheviot-Westwood Community Association. The carpet was laid during the period between the first play, Snoopy! The Musical and this one. I was amazed by the improvement in sound.

If you live in the Cincinnati area,  spend a few hours of fun at The Glenmore Playhouse.  There are six more performances...December 7, 8, 14 and 15 at 8 PM and December 9 and 16 at 2 PM.

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