Monday, March 18, 2013

More Signs of Spring

On March ninth , I asked Tom to stop at Garbry Big Woods Sanctuary on the way home from our birding trip to St. Mary's so I could look for Harbinger of Spring, also known as Pepper and Salt.  He laughed.  I walked a few yards into the sanctuary and returned to the van.  The woodland floor was covered with snow.  If the Harbinger of Spring was blooming, it was under the snow.

But on March 15, I persuaded him to drive up to the sanctuary again.  This time the boardwalk was clear of snow and so was the woodland floor.  AND we found Harbinger of Spring.

It is always hard to show in a photo how small the flowers are.

The day before I walked at Charleston Falls and found a few Water Striders walking on the surface of the creek.

Yesterday Stephen and I searched the yard for signs of spring.  We found crocuses although they were furled because the day was cold and gloomy.

And there were buds swelling on the daffodils.

Stephen even found a few tiny green leaves on the old-fashioned Quince Bush that Tom's dad dug up for us out of his yard.

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