Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Troy Civic Theatre...Boeing, Boeing

From left to right...Bernard, Gabrielle, Berthe, Gloria, Robert, and Gretchen  played by Steve Dietrich, Jo Grandel, Jessica Suba, Samantha Persing, Scott Atkinson, and Tina Hayes.

This is  the cast of Troy Civic Theatre's production of Boeing, Boeing greeting the audience after the Sunday matinee.  They clearly have enjoyed preforming as much as the audience enjoyed laughing at their antics.  The women in the blue, red, and yellow suits are the stewardesses, all of whom think they are the fiancee of Bernard (Steve), the smiling architect.  Poor Berthe (Jessica), in the white blouse,  is Bernard's housekeeper and cook whose job is to keep everything running smoothly for Bernard as the stewardesses run in and out of the apartment in Paris.

When Robert (Scott) comes to visit and the airlines change their schedules because airplanes are now faster, the five doors on the set open and close in wild succession as the cast runs in and out, sometimes avoiding one another, sometimes meeting.  Tom and I laughed out loud at the wild antics though we had expected that we would only smile at the nonsense.

The play, written by Marc Camoletti and adapted by Beverly Cross and Francis Evans, ran for seven years in London in the nineteen sixties and also ran for a short time on Broadway in New York.  It was  made into a movie starring Tony Curtis and Jerry Lewis.

The play is a wonderful escape from the reality of everyday life.  If you live in the Troy area, I hope you find time this weekend to see a performance on March 8 or 9.  You can find more information at

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