Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A Walk at Brukner Nature Center...March 29, 2013

Stephen found the turtles.

We had started our walk at Cattail Pond hoping the sun had brought  them up to the surface to bask on the last year's cattail mats and the old log.

We walked down the trail to the bench that overlooks the pond and found turtles on the old log, too.  They are Painted Turtles, a common turtle in our ponds.

We looked all around the pond but didn't find any snakes or frogs.  The day must have been too chilly for them.

Stephen said he'd walk with me down Hickory Ridge Trail to look for the Snow Trillium which I hadn't seen this spring.  About two-thirds of the way down the trail we found them.  There was a scattering of flowers across the hillside.  I know there will be more in a few days.

And then I found a wildflower that really surprised me.  Usually most of the Snow Trillium are blooming before I see this little beauty...a single Hepatica.  The leaves which have been green during the winter are now changing to maroon.

As we were heading back up to the Interpretative Center by way of Short-Step Hill, along with more snow trillium, we found a little bouquet of Hepatica.

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