Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Pink Tulips, an Experiment

Tulips, Watercolor...11 by 14 inches (28 by 35.5 cm)

I usually paint precisely.  I deliberately tried to use a casual approach for this painting.   For the first pass, I used a Steve Quiller brush, a series 7000 Richeson Professional, number 12.  The brush holds a lot of paint and has a nice point so it is good for wide washes or fine details.

I was concerned that I would lose the light edges of some of the leaves so I roughly covered them with liquid frisket.

I began adding stronger values to the leaves.

I wanted to see if the light edges were the way I wanted them so I removed the frisket.

I decided I wanted the nearest tulip on the right to be the focal point so I removed the pale tulip behind it and  added some leaves with stronger values around it so it would be the most noticeable of the tulips.  I had thought I would use a green toned background but the Qiunacridone Pink toned down with Permanent Green Light gave more of the effect I was looking for.  

Finally, I added some brighter pinks to the focal tulip which made the lights appear lighter.  I also added Viridian to some of the green mixtures as well as a little of the Quinacridone Pink.


  1. Gorgeous work, Pauline...I really like this one ALOT!

  2. Hi Pauline....I'm the one who left the anonymous comment above....I can't remember how to leave a comment the right way.

    Marsha E.