Sunday, May 25, 2014

5.2 Inches of Rain in Less Than Two Hours on May 21!

This is how our backyard looked after about two hours of rainstorms tore through our area.  Along with the rain and wind came pea-size hail for about a half hour.

Our sideyard

Our ditch, our road, the neighbors' ditches on our side and across the street.

May 21 was Wednesday.  Saturday, the yard, except for the ditch was dry so I mowed.  Today the "river" on the basement floor is beginning to dry up.  The three basement sump pumps are running less frequently.

The drain that runs under the driveway still has a little water running into it.  That is a big improvement from Wednesday evening when the drain was under water.  The green circle encloses the water draining onto the cement.  I took this photo a half hour ago when the late afternoon shadows hid much of the water.

Never in all the years we have lived in this house has our yard had standing water in it.

Our town fared worse than we did.  The library is closed until the basement is cleaned out.  The sewer system backed up and spread several inches of yucky mess on the floor.  There is a six foot deep sinkhole on one street.

Even the interstates were affected.  Sections of I-75 and I-70  were closed for hours.

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  1. Oh my you had lots of water. I am certain since that big Japanese Earthquake that the weather is all messed up. Hope you are all dried out by now. :)
    You have been going to some fun productions!