Thursday, November 6, 2014

Lilian Nichols, October Class, More experiments with Color and Techniques

The sheets of rolled polymer clay that Lilian started with are in the foreground of the top photo.  One stack is at the far back.  In the spot of sunlight is a stack wrapped with beige, another kind of stack to begin with.

Below are the layers twisted with purple added, a color she told us works well with autumn colors.

The rest of the examples are the results of Mary Ann's and Sally's experiments.  

Sally added a generous amount of glitter to her clay before she stacked it.  Then she pinched both ends.  Playing around she twisted the clay into the shape below.  We decided this would make a good ornament to hang on the Christmas tree.  It would also make a good small gift for a gift exchange.

Using the same stack, Sally twisted it another way and came up with this gourd.

Her next experiments were with a texture sheet, a rubber stamp and Pearl Ex.

The bits of flowers on the upper edge are from the texture sheet.  After stamping a leaf rubber stamp on the clay, she used a small brush to carefully brush Pearl Ex on the imprinted leaf design.

Mary Ann made a cane with circles.  After rolling out  the sheets of colors she wanted, she cut circles out of each one and stacked them.

Here is the beginning of her stack.

Here is her stack after being compressed and stretched a  little.

Here are some of her leaves.




The three upper leaves in photo 3 were textured with a texture sheet, then brushed lightly with Pearl Ex.  The leaf on the bottom is the same as the one in photo 2 but a bit of Pearl Ex gives it a sheen.

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