Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Lilian Nichols,September Class, Experimenting with Autumn Leaves

In September, Lilian brought some of her fall necklaces to show us.  Lots of them involve autumn leaves in various combinations of colors.  Our project was to experiment with fall colors using Skinner Blends and bull's eye canes.  Lilian also suggested we try some unusual colors just to see the results.

Below is a closer view of the one Lilian is wearing.

I especially liked these leaves that Lilian made.

She rubbed a little Pearl X which is a metallic powder on the leaves after she made them but before she baked them.  A very little Pearl X goes a long way so Lilian suggested using a finger to pick up a bit of it on the lid rather than poking our finger into the jar . It adds a shine to the baked clay. If too much is rubbed on, the colors of the project disappears.

Other leaves that Lilian brought as examples are in this photo.  The two leftmost leaves were made by mixing layers in a cane.  The next two are made from unmixed layers.  The stylized leaves were made by wrapping dull green around orange bull's eyes.  The largest leaf is an example of making an oak leaf.

Below are the colors Annette mixed.

And here are leaves she made, Some are made from Bull's Eyes and some are made from layers of color.  The one in the middle was made from left over scraps.

Below are Linda's experiments using layers, and using bull's eyes.  She also accepted Lilian's challenge to use unusual colors for her leaves.

Update December 2014

Annette brought in two necklaces she made using techniques she learned in this class and the October class.  See them below.

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