Sunday, March 22, 2015

Rumors, the play by Neil Simon, Presented by The Drama Workshop

On Sunday, March 15, I saw the last performance of  this season's production of Rumors presented by The Drama Workshop. The audience and I spent a lot of time laughing at the antics as the actors dashed this way and that.

In the Director's Notes, this season's director, Julie Jordan, mentions that she was in The Drama Workshop's 1992 presentation of  Rumors playing the part of  Cassie.  At that time the play was a fairly new one.  It was first performed in 1988.

Members of the 2014-2015 cast were...

Kristy Rucker as Chris Gorman
Fred Hunt as Ken Gorman
Megan Schultheis as Claire Ganz
Eric Day as Lenny Ganz
Gretchen Gantner as Cookie Cusack
Robert Weidle as Ernie Cusack
Bill Keeton as Glenn Cooper
Jennifer Richardson as Cassie Cooper
Joe Ward as Officer Welch
Ian Tinney as Officer Pudney

As is common in farces, there are many doors on the set through which actors come and go.  The guests begin arriving at the host and hostess's home to celebrate their tenth anniversary but where is the happy couple?  The rumors fly as more and more guests arrive.  The audience can't help but laugh as the guests run about wildly and try to solve the mystery.  Several of the actors told me that this play was a lot of fun to perform.  They enjoyed the rehearsals and spent a lot of time laughing as they perfected their lines.

Photo by Lauren Wenning

Starting at the left  Ray Persing  is kneeling, then the back row... Jason Cox, Joe Ward, Robert Weidle, Bill Keeton, Eric Day, Fred Hunt, and Ian Tinney.  On the arm of the couch is Julie Jordan.  Seated are Gretchen Gantner, Jennifer Richardson, Megan Schultheis, Kristy Rucker and Elaine Volker.  Seated beside the coffee table is Cynthia Mottel.

I like this photo because it includes not only the cast but some of the other volunteers who make The Glenmore Playhouse in Cheviot, Ohio, a delightful place to see good theater.  These fifteen people are only a few of the volunteers.  The playbill lists thirty-seven who helped in some way.  Many of the volunteers served in multiple roles.

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  1. Looks like a great set! There must be some great designers/carpenters! :)