Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Winter Aconite is Blooming!

The flowers are closed because it was raining when I took their picture.  As soon as the sun came out the flowers opened up.  Tom and I timed our trip perfectly.  We are back in time for the first flowers.

My little patch of flowers came from my neighbor's big patch.  Hope my patch is as big as hers some day.

There is still snow hanging around but it is all heaped in dirty piles.  We'll soon see the last of it for this year.

Charleston Falls is roaring as rain and melted snow pour over the ledge.

High in the top of the sycamore trees the red-winged blackbirds are singing.  When they sing at Cedar Pond we know spring is near.

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  1. Flowers already, lucky you! That is a great reflection photo! No new birds here yet. I am looking forward to them! I hope you are keeping busy and that you are both well. Say Hi to Tom:)