Friday, July 31, 2015

July 25, 2015...Brukner Butterfly Transit


We were searching the plantings around the Interpretive Center porch when I spotted this.  Both Tom and Phil took photo after photo.  This is the first Monarch we have seen on the transit this year.


We also found these larvae.  After checking in Caterpillars of Eastern North America by David L. Wagner, I think they are young Milkweed Tussock Caterpillars.

Nancy and Phil were in charge of the transit today.  Ruth and Jackie were at a Native Plant Convention.  Tom and I and our grandson, Steve, were the other members of the transit group.

Tom saw this female dark phase Tiger Swallowtail near the new porch when he came downstairs from looking at birds.  The rest of us were on the woodland section of the transit by then.

Dark Phase Female Tiger Swallowtail

Meanwhile, in the woods, Phil was taking photographs of an Anglewing.  I think Nancy got a good enough look at it to ID it as a Eastern Comma.


We saw the most butterflies along the Brukner Drive.

Summer Azure

Question Mark

The silvery curve and dot are visible on the underwing.

Silver-spotted Skipper on Purple Coneflower.

This photo I sent to Ruth for identification. It reminded Tom and me of a fritillary but seemed small.
Ruth decided it was a Tawny Emperor.  Tom and I rechecked in our field guides and agreed she was right. The eyespots on the hind wings cinched it.

Tawny Emperor

This was not my day for taking photos of butterflies.  Maybe next week.  Steve found other things for me to photograph.

Northern Spring Peeper

Green Frog in Catface Pond



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  1. Looks like a variety of creatures! You know I have never actually seen a Spring Peeper before...but I love hearing them at night especially in the spring! We are seeing a few Monarchs, more than last year but nothing like ten years ago:(