Thursday, July 2, 2015

Taking a Break...Walking at Charleston Falls on Tuesday, June 30

I was tired of dealing with all the every day matters so I took off for Charleston Falls.  I stepped out of the van and I was refreshed.  The prairie plants have started to bloom.  There were dozens of them blooming but this one was easy to photograph.

A good start.

I had taken two steps along the path to the main trail when I saw the bright little butterflies (Pearl Crescents (Phyciodes tharos)  Wingspan: 1.25-1.60 inches (3.2-4.1 cm)

The flitting butterflies were everywhere...on the path and throughout Octagon Prairie.

They were on the clover on the path...

and on the plants along side.

But they never didn't landed for long.  Mostly they flew about, twinkling, teasing bits of orange and black.

They had business of their own to attend to.

Dozens of them stopped at this soggy spot on the trail.

A prairie is a beautiful place.


  1. Beautiful and it is good to get away some days more than others:)

  2. Pleased to hear from you so quickly. Hope that means you are having a relaxing day.