Thursday, August 13, 2015

Mary Poppins, as Presented by the Children's Musical Theater, a Program Offered by the Troy Recreational Department

In July, Sonja Hyer and Rebecca O'Brien directed the third musical of the summer for the Troy Rec Department.  Musical Director and Choreographer was Katie Swank.

These musicals are always fun to watch.  The actors and actresses ranging in age from entering first grade to entering tenth grade meet for less than thirty hours.  In two weeks they have a  play to present in the Troy Civic Theatre for parents and friends.  The directors and choreographer/music director give them enough direction for the play to be coherent but not so much that it loses its childlike spontaneity.  Actors and parents come up with the costumes.  Sometimes they find what they need in the Troy Civic Theatre costume collection.

On the first day, the directors meet the players and decide who will play the various roles.  This year there were thirty-one players.  Most of these children play several roles.

Because the time involved is short , the leading roles are divided among two or three actors. This  reduces the number of lines for each actor and gives more actors an opportunity to play leading roles.
Here are some photos from the play.  I call the various Marys Mary1, Mary2, Mary 3 etc.

Another Nanny leaves the Banks' household.

Jane 1 and Michael 1 put in their order for the perfect nanny.  Mr. Banks 1 is unimpressed.

Nannies wait outside the Banks' house for interviews.

Mary Poppins 1 arrives.  Mr Banks 2 can not believe Mary's audacity.

Jane 2 and Michael 2 watch Mary Poppins magically pull all kinds of things out of her bag.

No-nonsense Mary Poppins tells Jane and Michael "A Spoonful of Sugar" is all that is needed.

Jane 2 and Michael 2 and Mary Poppins 2 meet Bert 1 in the park.

They ride on the carousel...

and off the carousel.

The entire company...

joins in...

to sing they are having a "Jolly Holiday" with Mary.

Mary Poppins, Jane, Michael and Bert meet the fox hunters...

and protect the fox.

After Mary Poppins wins the horse race, reporters interview her.

Jane 1 and Michael 1 tell Mr. Banks 3 and Mary Poppins 2 about their wonderful day.  Mrs. Banks looks on.

Mary Poppins gives Jane and Michael their evening tonic...and tells them in song that they can "Stay Awake".

The next day outside the bank the Bird Woman sings "Feed the Birds".

Mr. Banks 1 is not happy that Michael wants to give his money to the Bird Woman rather than putting it in the bank.

Michael tells Mr. Bank's boss at the bank that he won't give him his money.

Mr, Banks 3 is told he is fired.

The Constable reports Mr. Banks is missing.

Mr. Banks comes home with a kite.

The entire company sings "Let's Go Fly a Kite".

The chimney sweeps and the rest of the company sing and dance to "Chim Chim Cheree"

The actors and actresses bow amid applause from the audience.

Everyone left for home smiling as they went.

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  1. Looks like great fun! I hope you are staying cool, our heat wave broke today...finally! :)