Friday, August 7, 2015

Uncle Steve's Farm, 1950s

A cousin posted this photo on Facebook.  It brought back memories of family reunions each summer in the fifties.  Mother's family was large.  Every year everyone would get together one Sunday toward the end of summer.  Many times the reunion was at Uncle Steve's farm.  Uncle Steve was one of my mother's older brothers.  In the early years I remember Grandma and Grandpa Smith being there.  Sometimes their siblings would come, too.  Now my cousins and I are the old people.

This picture was taken from near the creek that meandered through the property.  Most of the relatives would have been up in the yard around the windmill.

The watercolor painting I did is small, only  8 X 10 inches but it brings back memories of those hot sunny days, and of  family, laughter, and a potluck meal.

After sketching the scene, I put masking fluid on the Queen Anne's Lace in the foreground.  Then I laid down light washes.  I decided to play with the colors of the shadows  and also decided to go for a light airy feel.

The little pile of rocks in the foreground developed out of the wash I originally laid down.  I debated about using a pen to draw in the windmill and television antenna on the house but opted for a fine brush.  As I am writing this, I notice that the antenna has no crossbeams on it.  They are barely visible in the photograph.  I will consider how I want to add them.  Right now the antenna looks like a giant lightning rod.

I started emphasizing the foreground plants.  I wanted to aim them toward the barn and let the berry bushes lead from there to the house.

I added a few more plant details and thought I was finished until I wrote this blog.  Now I will do a bit more on the antenna and darken the chimney a bit.  Then the painting and this blog will be ready to post.

Complete with antenna and chimney.


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  1. Oh I like it, it must make you smile. You are so talented! :)