Thursday, February 4, 2016

February 2016, First Signs of Spring

Sometimes the Skunk Cabbage begins blooming here in January.  I waited until February first.  I couldn't wait any longer.  I took a walk down to the swamp at Brukner Nature Center.

I found the skunk cabbage but I didn't see any blooms.  The Spathe on the plant to the right is barely open.  I found others that were still closed.  It is amazing to me that there is a plant that gives off so much heat that it melts the snow around it and enables its flowers to bloom when the temperatures are still in the twenties and thirties. (Fahrenheit)

Yesterday I saw my neighbor outside picking up sticks broken off by the winter storms.  I told her about going down to see the skunk cabbage.

She said, "Did you see the Winter Aconite under my tree?  It is up."

Sure enough.  Later there will be a showy mass of flowers under her tree but there are a few blooming and in the upper righthand corner, you can see a group just breaking through the ground.

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