Thursday, January 28, 2016

Blue Ice at the Falls

Monday, January 25, Tom said,  "I'll drive you over so you can walk at the falls.  This is the last nice day, we will have for about a week."  

Sunday morning had been 19 degrees Fahrenheit (-7.2 degrees Celsius) but Monday was 45 degrees F (7.2 degrees C) and still getting warmer.  A raw windy day  and cooler wintry temperatures were predicted for Tuesday. 

We live in a glaciated area of Ohio so a lot of the land is relatively flat.  I cherish the spots that show a bit of variation.  I was surprised at how impressive Charleston Falls looked from the top of the ridge as I was starting down the steps.  Years ago, there were no steps which made for a more interesting and moderately exciting descent.  But, this park is visited by a lot of people so the stairs are a necessary safety precaution.  Part of the reason I was impressed on this particular day was because there were people on the boardwalk at the bottom so the height of the falls was enhanced.

At the bottome of the stairs, I stopped for another photo op.  I was playing with settings on my Olympus Tough camera.  I am amazed at the possibilities provided by "little" snap and shoot cameras now days.

Though the falls looked covered with ice, a lot of water was rumbling down behind the ice.  And there was a pleasant rippling sound from the little creek the water runs through on its way to the Great Miami River.

Detail of the lacy edge.

What pleased me most was getting the following photo.  I have often seen the bluish sheen of the falls but getting a picture of it has eluded me.  Monday, I was successful.

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  1. You did good! You captured the blueness perfectly! It is icy here but we still try to walk in the short driveway, better than in the boring house. :)