Saturday, January 9, 2016

The Quest of a Lifetime, the Search for the Monarch Butterflies Wintering Grounds

I was pleased to see Google's Doodle this morning.  I checked out some of the sources provided by Google.  Ken Brugger and his wife Catalina Aquado discovered the wintering grounds of the Monarchs high in Mexico's Sierra Madre Mountains in 1975.  They were among the first "citizen scientists" recruited by Fred Urquhart, a Canadian scientist.  Urquhart started research on the route and destination of the Monarchs in 1937.  The search lasted thirty-eight years.

There is a group from Brukner Nature Center planning to visit the wintering grounds in February.

Tom and I won't be with them but we did see the wintering grounds of the Monarchs on the west side of the Rocky Mountains.  They winter along the California coast.  We saw them in a Santa Cruz  park and also in Natural Bridges State Park.  It was surprising to me how much they blended into their surroundings...until they moved.  Seeing the butterflies set forth in the morning from the trees in the Santa Cruz park was like watching flowers flying off the trees.

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  1. I saw the Doodle too and was reminded about all those that visited the Mustard field late in the year...I hope they made it! :)