Sunday, January 10, 2016

Winter or Not

Winter or not, that is the question.  It depends on the day in this part of Ohio.

I posted a photo a few days ago of Charleston Falls on January 7 in the afternoon when the temperature was 41 degrees Fahrenheit (5 Celsius)  Here is a reminder...dozens of icicles as well as water pouring over the ledge.  That was because we had  had 20s (-6.6 Celsius) for three nights previously.

On Friday, the temperature hovered around 40 degrees ( 4.4 Celsius) and rain fell most of the day. It was a depressing day...gray skies and washed out colors everywhere I looked.

On Saturday morning when Jeanne and I walked the temperature was 47 degrees Fahrenheit (8.3 Celsius) .  We were expecting to see remains of the icicles but this is what we saw.  Only a remnant of ice remained at the foot of the falls.

But we were reminded that winter was at hand when we stopped at Cedar Pond.  It was covered by a skim of ice.

By afternoon the temperature had risen to 51( 10.5 Celsius)  Tom and I ran errands, attached a new battery to the generator and planted a few bulbs.

So we  have arrived at Sunday. This is what we were greeted with this morning.

We've been having flurries and gusty winds all day.  Twice we lost electricity for a moment or two and had to reset clocks.  The temperature has been going down all day after a high of 35 (1.6 Celsius) early this morning.  Now at 5 PM it is 21 degrees Fahrenheit -6.1 Celsius).  Lower temperatures are predicted for tonight.

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  1. I have heard it said that a snow is good for newly planted bulbs! At least you were working your way toward winter! :)