Saturday, July 9, 2016

My Sister's Flower Garden ( and my brother-in-law's as well), July 6, 2016 (Mostly the lilies on this blog)

 The sidewalk to their front door is inviting.  Across the front of the house is a sample of the daylilies they love.

As we drove further up their drive, we were treated to more and more delightful flowers.

We came especially to see the daylilies which were in glorious bloom but we saw so many other things that I've decided to add a second blog about the treasures peeking out from the hostas and lilies and ferns. 

Today, I'll show you some of their beautiful lilies.  They all have names but those have slipped my mind.  If you are a daylily enthusiast, you will probably know them.

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  1. Those Daylilies are beautiful! I have always liked them! That garden of color with the grass in the back is a feast for your eyes! They obviously enjoy their gardens, and I enjoyed seeing them! I thought about you today at a wedding Butterflies were set free:)