Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Friday Afternoon, Saturday Morning...Changes Overnight at the Falls

 It was about 35 degrees F (1.66 C) late on Friday afternoon when I walked at Charleston Falls.  I was surprised to see long icicles at the falls.  The icicles had to be the results of the last two  nights in the 20s. (6.66 C)  Before that, we had had a string of warm days...forties(4.44 C), fifties (10 C), even a sixty degree day (15.55 C).  I thought it would take more than two cold nights to produce such a sight.

I was in for an even bigger surprise on Saturday morning.  It was 46 degrees (7.77 C) when Jeanne and I walked and when we arrived at the falls this is what we saw.

Obviously, we had not had cold temperatures overnight.

The falls have been interesting to watch this winter.  There has been a lot of change from day to day because our weather has been yoyoing up and down.  We rarely have as many warm days as we have had this year.

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  1. Seems like yo yo weather here too, almost 50 F today. Next week it could be -30 who knows anymore?? One day at a time. I bet it is fun to have Falls to visit, we have to drive a long way to see a waterfall:)