Sunday, February 19, 2017

Looking for Spring on St. Valentine's Day

We've been having a lot of warm days.  On Tuesday afternoon, the temperature reached 53 degrees Fahrenheit. Tom, three friends and I met at Garbry Big Woods Sanctuary.

My main goal was to find Harbinger of Spring in bloom.  We found  leaves from a number of different plants  but despite all our looking none of us could find a flower or even a bud of the Harbinger of Spring.

We are fairly sure that the leaves below are Harbinger of Spring leaves.  It often grows close to the boardwalk.

We did find the leaves of Puttyroot, an Ohio Orchid.  The leaves are much easier to find than the blooming plants.  By late April when the flowers are blooming the leaves are gone.  The ten inch tall plants are hard to find among the other undergrowth.  We noted landmarks where there were a lot of leaves so we would know where to look later in the spring.

Before we left the parking lot, we discussed other special flowers that a person has to search to find.  Then the topic switched to birds, again, the special ones that a person has to search for.  

Suddenly, Tom pointed,  "Look!".  A magnificant mature American Bald Eagle soared overhead.

We didn't find Spring but we did see a beautiful sight.

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  1. Looks more like spring than snow! Yeah for you guys seeing an Eagle.
    Give that walking partner of yours a hug from me:(